WWTP Animated Explainer Video For MABR

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OxyMem is a DuPont company that has invented a unique and eco positive way to treat wastewater. We were tasked with helping them explain to the public, stakeholders, users, and companies how this technology works, how it can be implemented and the benefits of this.

We started off by creating a Simply titled video ‘What is MABR?’

We worked with engineers, scientists, and the marketing team within OxyMem to script this story. We incorporated the brand colour of blue into the design and we 3D modelled a wastewater treatment plant to use as an example. We worked with the engineering team to get 3D renders of the product and the scientist behind the technology to understand and illustrate what was happening with the gases and other elements that could not be seen.

We created a text based approach rather than a voiceover so that the video could be quickly and easily translated into different languages for the company to use at trade shows in every continent.

Once this was created, it was a massive success. It helped all people involved internally and externally understand what the product was, and how it worked.

We also created follow up videos for this project which you can see below.



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