Video Production

Video production is an art. It requires research, planning and collaboration between the video crew, talent and producers.

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Our team will create your video with purpose, through a diligent understanding of your goals and target audience. Our goal is to provide you with high-quality creative and engaging videos that will help propel your business or brand forward. We work closely with our clients to generate ideas, draw out their knowledge and create powerful work. We believe including your team in the process makes the best results, and including them while we are filming creates a wonderful experience in creating a sense of ownership and pride in the work.

Commercial Video

The pre-production phase is an extremely important stage in the commercial filming process. It’s where you figure out what will be happening in your video, how to show it and most importantly how to make it look as good as possible. An excellent commercial will engage with your audience and emphasise your product or service by telling a story in a way that’s memorable. We’ll help you explore all your options, then we’ll create a commercial that is the perfect fit for your business. We understand the importance of getting it right and will take you through our process to ensure all aspects are covered.  The perfect commercial can do wonders for your business.

Corporate Video

Corporate Videos can be an extremely powerful way to engage an audience. A well crafted video that’s properly targeted gets the message across in a more effective and engaging way than any other form of media. Corporate videos can be used for everything from educating your customers, employees or the general public about your offerings, to promoting industry awards or sponsorships, to explaining how new products work, even how corporate policies affect customers. Professional well shot video with clean audio can inspire confidence and a well structured enlightening video will keep the viewer engaged.

Product Video

Product videography is necessary for most products when it comes to advertising. Whether you’re filming to upload an advertisement on social media or if it’s going to appear on television, people all over the nation, probably all over the world, are going to see your video. When it comes to making a good advert, angles are key. If you film your product from only one angle it may not appeal as much to viewers and they do not get a thorough understanding of the product (it can also be off-putting). With multi-angle filming plans in place, you can make sure that your target audience gain an in-depth understanding of your product through multiple angles and through different setups.

Events & Live Broadcast

If you’re planning a live event and need to capture professional quality video content, we can help. We offer a range of services from full event production and live broadcast, to just editing the video in real time. No event is too big or small for our team of experts. No matter what you’re trying to accomplish, we will be there and provide high quality colour corrected and sound edited content for your viewers on YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Instagram live, or through your own website.

Social Media & Influencer

We can work with you to create great looking content that will help build your brand and get people talking about your products or services. We can source and collaborate with influencers to help them produce content about their experience using your product. Influencer marketing can be a great way to tap into the audience of an existing authoritative figure who has credibility on social media.

68% of marketers say video has a better return on investment than Google Ads.

Our Process

The process of video production commences with a creative brief. Before filming can commence, research is conducted to gain insights into the brand, target market and key selling points of the product range or service offering. A storyboard is then created to illustrate how the best content will be delivered in terms of visuals, sounds and music.


Health and safety is of the utmost importance in video production, and while it’s not the most fun thing to think about, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Being proactive with your health and safety measures will ensure that your video production goes smoothly, that you comply with any legal requirements and that everyone – including your team and cast – are happy, healthy and safe throughout.

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