Wild Ireland Video Production

Introduction to our services at Wild Ireland

We recently worked with Wild Ireland, and Wildlife Park to create content that would engage social media users and let them know what Wild Ireland has to offer. We created a series of videos, from heartwarming Xmas stories to portrait-style content for stories and reels, and lots of engaging photos and videos to use across their website wildireland.org.

Wild Ireland Christmas Video

This Christmas video was a lot of fun, and we had a range of different videographers approaching the shoot from all angles, with different focal lengths, and styles to capture this one-chance opportunity without missing any moments. The story of the video was the most important. The music paired with the Christmas spirit and the playfulness of animals was made engaging with an overarching story of Santa that was fun, heartwarming, and engaging for adults and children. It showcased the love the Wild Ireland team has for the animals and the happiness the animals have in their new habitat, in an authentic and transparent that resonated with people. We had a lot of fun creating this, we are very appreciative of this wonderful experience and the opportunity to be a part of something great.

Social Media and Website Visuals

We supported inboundstudios.co in developing and branding of their new website with a series of videos and images that matched the brand tone of strong greens ad oranges in a hue and saturation that gave a wild and moody theme. These videos and clips also served as portrait content on social media providing followers with an immersive mobile-first experience by maximising the space on mobile phones via portrait shooting.

Behind the scenes

Although we were hyper-focused on the animals this day we managed to break the spell for a few short seconds to capture some behind-the-scenes of this awesome experience.

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