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Grainne Wafer, Global Director at Diageo, spoke about leadership in the context of the challenges that businesses are currently facing. She spoke about qualities such as focus, precision, empathy, inclusion, experimentation, and failure that are important for leaders today. She also emphasised the importance of momentum, particularly in times of volatility. She said that companies that found a way to deliver continuous growth year after year have identified the biggest opportunities for their company and gone after them with laser focus to deliver immediately and exceptionally.

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Dip Dab Media recently produced an engaging video featuring Grainne Wafer as the speaker in a room filled with marketers. The project prioritized discretion, with the team employing excellent lighting to create a visually appealing and professional atmosphere. The video was carefully crafted for maximum accessibility to cater to the needs of marketing institute members. Using a three-camera setup, Dip Dab Media ensured dynamic and varied shots, enhancing the overall viewing experience. Additionally, the project boasted exceptional sound quality, contributing to the overall success of the video in delivering valuable content to its audience.

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